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You can pick between Poliwrath and Politoed.

Shadow Politoed

But how much does it change? It has a maximum CP of 2, an attack ofa defense ofand stamina of If you can get a shadow Politoed, its stats vary, with its attack increasing to and its defense going down to It has the same stamina. We highly recommend using a shadow version if you can. Politoed has several useful charge moves, and thankfully, it has an obvious fast move that is superior to the other.

Of the two choices, mud shot is a far better choice than bubble. While bubble does decent damage, mud shot excels at giving Politoed plenty of energy for its charge moves, ultimately deciding the battle. When it comes to charge moves, you can toss out several options to weigh Politoed down.

You want to avoid using blizzard or hydro pump. While powerful, they require too much energy, and even if mud shot can produce 4. It would be best if you used fast choices. For the second charge move, you want to go with earthquake. Politoed receives a pretty hefty boost by having weather ball added to its moveset. Couple it with the ability to have a shadow version of it, and you can do some serious damage.

Ensure your Politoed knows mud shot for its fast move, and then earthquake and weather ball for its charge moves. New York's radical female and non-binary skateboarders -- in photos. Load Error.

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It has a long, curled hair on top of its head and pink cheek spots that are smaller on the female than on the male. There is a green swirl on its belly. Its legs are well developed and it has bulbous toes and fingers. Politoed acts as a leader to Poliwag and Poliwhirlwhich gather from afar upon hearing its cry. Politoed likes to expand its throat and sing.

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When three or more assemble, they sing in a chorus with a loud, bellowing voice. The curled hair on Politoed's head is considered proof of its status as a king.

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The longer and curlier Politoed's hair is, the more Poliwag and Poliwhirl will obey it, and the more it is respected by other Politoed. Politoed is rarely found in the wild, though it is usually seen living by the water's edge.

At nightfall, Politoed appears near lakes to make territorial claims through cries that sound like shooting. A male Politoed's cry is said to be louder than a female Politoed's cry. A male Politoed with a deep, menacing voice will become more popular with the opposite gender. Misty 's Poliwhirl evolved into a Politoed in Outrageous Fortunes. It is very cheerful to the point where it would occasionally lose focus in a battle and start clapping.

Bean is distinctive from other Politoed by the red band it wears around its head. It had a falling-out with Tammy, prompting her to ask Misty to lend her own Politoed to her for a while. Later, she and her Politoed made amends, and Tammy returned Misty's Politoed to her. In A Faux Oak Finish! In Good Friends, Great Training!The Pokemon Politoed is one of the many capturable monsters in Pokemon Go. See requirements on how to evolve a Poliwhirl into a Politoed here. Politoed is from the second generation region of Johto and was made available in the February 16, update.

You can now evolve your Poliwhirl into Politoed! You just need Poliwag Candy but you also need a King's Rock.


This evolutionary item is quite rare and can be obtained randomly at a PokeStop. To attack with combat movestap the screen when in battle and the pokemon will unleash their attacks as fast as they are able.

Repeated attacks will build up the bars on their special meter. When any or all bars are filled, hold down on the screen for a moment to unleash a special move. Pokemon GO Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 19 Dec am. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Franchises: Pokemon. Platforms: iPhone, Android, Apple Watch. Developers: Niantic Labs. Publishers: Niantic Labs. Features: AR Augmented Reality. Release Date: July 6, Table of Contents. Candy Needed to Evolve.

Possible Attack Moves. Possible Special Moves.The second is through evolution. Swampert, for example, can only know Hydro Cannon, if its evolved from Marshtomp during the Mudkip Community Day. Thank you to skewtr from reddit for the help with this information. The Season of Celebration has arrived! Keep an eye on this page - we'll add any new Legacy Moves or returned moves as they're announced.

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politoed pokemon go moves

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politoed pokemon go moves

Never miss a thing. Rust breaks its own Steam player record, again Tip of the icezerg.Surf and Hydro Pump are step down, but still decent if TMs are lacking. Weather Ball Water is better than Surf due to its easier accessibility as a 3-bar move. Blizzard has coverage against Grass-type attackers and Dragonite, common attackers into Politoed. Mud Shot is generally more preferable as it allows Politoed to use its powerful charge moves sooner before fainting.

Bubble can also be viable if more Water-type damage is needed since it also gets STAB, but having slower access to its charge moves may leave Politoed more vulnerable without coverage options.

Earthquake and Blizzard both provide valuable coverage, with the former covering against Politoed's weakness to Electric, and the latter covering Politoed's weakness to Grass. Either move can work depending on coverage needed.

Politoed is an interesting Pokemon for Great League, with well-rounded stats that feature good bulk, and charge moves that can cover either of its weaknesses to Electric or Grass.

Unfortunately for Politoed, Blizzard isn't a terrific option against Grass-types due to its high energy cost, and Politoed gets KO'd quite fast against Razor Leaf users.

Politoed does well in Ultra League partly due to the numerous Steel-type competitors that are quite common, though it requires Earthquake to take down Registeel. Without it, Blizzard causes Politoed to receive more losses against fellow Water-types, which reduces its overall rating, but does pick up a win against Giratina Origin Forme.

Overall a good pick for Ultra League thanks to its consistent Weather Ball damage output, though to achieve optimal performance XL candy is needed. Politoed doesn't have sufficient stats to compete in Master League, consider a Hydro Cannon Swampert instead. How to use: You need to know your Pokemon's exact level. Boost Community Discord All Games. Sign In Register.

Shadow Politoed Last Updated: January 13, Original Shiny Variations. Pokemon Max CP. ATK DEF STA Pokemon Family. Shadow Poliwag. Shadow Poliwhirl.

politoed pokemon go moves

Shadow Poliwrath. Shadow Politoed. Mud Shot. Hydro Pump. Weather Ball Water.

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Shadow Politoed really has no true utility, especially for the huge cost to raise it. Ultra League: 3. Fast Moves 5. More Info. Charge Moves Hydro Pump 1 Energy. Blizzard 1 Energy. Surf 2 Energy.

Weather Ball Water 3 Energy. Elite Charge Moves Bubble pairs well with Hydro Pumpbut there are better Water-type attackers out there. Dynamic Punch is one of the best charge moves out there, period, and strictly outclasses Submission. Rock Smash does slightly more damage on defense than Bubble does, but has lower energy gain.

Ice Punch hits many of Poliwrath's counters effectively, and it fires frequently due to having 3 bars. Submission is strictly worse. Poliwrath's stats are disappointing, but its typing puts this Pokemon into consideration. Poliwrath tries to make a living doing the same thing that Machamp and Hariyama do, but worse.

Its advantages are in its higher bulk and resistances to Iron Tail and Fire Blast, which can prove useful in Tyranitar raids. On defense, Poliwrath formerly outdid its stats by virtue of Bubble's defensively oriented move parameters. Bubble is now a much different move, and thus Poliwrath is no longer remarkable on defense.

Ice Punch is valuable for its lower energy cost and coverage, including against Poliwrath's weakness to Grass and Flying-types. Hydro Pump is more viable with this moveset's fast energy gains, and can possibly OHKO opponents when shields are down. This moveset is similar to the previous one, but provides more consistent Water-type damage from Poliwrath's fast move. Weaknesses to common typings is a major risk for using Poliwrath in open formats, which makes Poliwrath more dependent on restricted formats to limit its vulnerabilities.

Politoed stats,moveset,evolution..

Poliwrath does surprisingly well in Ultra League, countering numerous Steel-types and Dark-types, while also resisting most of Lapras's movesets due to its Water-typing. Poliwrath however, will still struggle against any typings it is weak to, in addition to losing to Giratina despite having access to Ice Punch.

How to use: You need to know your Pokemon's exact level. Boost Community Discord All Games. Sign In Register. Poliwrath Last Updated: January 19, Community Posts with Keyword Poliwrath All. Raid Guides. How Shiny is Acquired.

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Original Shiny. Pokemon Max CP. ATK DEF STA Pokemon Family. Kings Rock.

politoed pokemon go moves

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Politoed (Pokémon)

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Best moveset for Politoed in Pokémon Go

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