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The most common pathogenic organisms are bacteria including mycobacteria, mycoplasmas, spirochetes, chlamydiae, and rickettsiaeviruses, fungi, protozoa, and helminths. Life-threatening infectious disease usually occurs when immunity is weak or suppressed such as during the first few months of life, in older or malnourished persons, in trauma or burn victims, in leukopenic patients, and in those with chronic illnesses such as diabetes mellitus, renal failure, cancer, asplenia, alcoholism, or heart, lung, or liver disease.

Many disease-causing agents, however, may afflict vigorous persons, whether they are young or old, fit or weak. Some examples include sexually transmitted illnesses such as herpes simplex or chlamydiosisrespiratory illnesses influenza or varicellaand food or waterborne pathogens cholera, schistosomiasis. Systemic infections cause fevers, chills, sweats, malaise, and occasionally, headache, muscle and joint pains, or changes in mental status.

Localized infections produce tissue redness, swelling, tenderness, heat, and loss of function. Pathogens can be transmitted to their hosts by many mechanisms, namely, inhalation, ingestion, injection or the bite of a vector, direct skin-to-skin contact, contact with blood or body fluids, fetomaternal contact, contact with contaminated articles fomitesor self-inoculation. In health care settings, infections are often transmitted to patients by the hands of professional staff or other employees.

Hand hygiene before and after patient contact prevents many of these infections.

infection definition in nursing

The body's defenses against infection begin with mechanisms that block entry of the organism into the skin or the respiratory, gastrointestinal, or genitourinary tract. These defenses include chemicals, e. In patients receiving immunosuppressive drug therapy, the normal flora can become the source of opportunistic infections.

Also, one organism can impair external defenses and permit another to enter; e. The body's second line of defense is the nonspecific immune response, inflammation. The third major defensive system, the specific immune response, depends on lymphocyte activation, during which B and T cells recognize specific antigenic markers on the organism. B cells produce immunoglobulins antibodiesand T cells orchestrate a multifaceted attack by cytotoxic cells.

See: B cell ; T cell ; inflammation for table. Once pathogens have crossed cutaneous or mucosal barriers and gained entry into internal tissues, they may spread quickly along membranes such as the meninges, pleura, or peritoneum.

Some pathogens produce enzymes that damage cell membranes, enabling them to move rapidly from cell to cell.

infection definition in nursing

Others enter the lymphatic channels; if they can overcome white blood cell defenses in the lymph nodes, they move into the bloodstream to multiply at other sites. This is frequently seen with pyogenic organisms, which create abscesses far from the initial entry site. Viruses or rickettsiae, which reproduce only inside cells, travel in the blood to cause systemic infections; viruses that damage a fetus during pregnancy such as rubella and cytomegalovirus travel via the blood.

Although many infections such as those that cause characteristic rashes are diagnosed clinically, definitive identification of infection usually occurs in the laboratory.

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Carefully collected and cultured specimens of blood, urine, stool, sputum, or other body fluids are used to identify pathogens and their susceptibilities to treatment. Many infections, like the common cold, are self-limited and require no specific treatment.Related to infection: Yeast infectionWound Infection.

The invasion of bodily tissue by pathogenic microorganisms that proliferate, resulting in tissue injury that can progress to disease: measures taken by the hospital to prevent infection.

The entry or placement, as by injection, of a microorganism or infectious agent into a cell or tissue. An instance of being infected: developed an infection in my toe. An agent or a contaminated substance responsible for one's becoming infected: an infection spread by contaminated water.

infection definition in nursing

The pathological state resulting from having been infected: a drug to control infection. An infectious disease: Crowded conditions gave rise to several serious infections.

An instance of a virus or similar software program infecting a computer. The communication of a usually undesirable idea, emotion, or attitude by contact with other people or by example.

All rights reserved. Pathology invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms. Copyright, by Random House, Inc. The invasion of the body by microorganisms that can cause disease or by a virus. Microorganisms that can cause infection include bacteria, fungi, and protozoans. Switch to new thesaurus.

Risk for Infection – Nursing Diagnosis & Care Plan

Based on WordNet 3. Infektion Ansteckung. You must wash that cut on your knee in case it becomes infected; She had a bad cold last week and has infected the rest of the class. You should wash your hands after handling raw meat to avoid infection. Measles is an infectious disease. Mentioned in? Achromycin acute pyelonephritis amebiasis amebiosis amoebiasis amoebiosis antibacterial antibacterial drug antibiotic antibiotic drug aspergillosis athlete's foot bacillary dysentery bactericide bilharziasis blastomycosis candidiasis case-to-infection proportion case-to-infection ratio.

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infection definition in nursing

But like infection is the petty thought: it creepeth and hideth, and wanteth to be nowhere--until the whole body is decayed and withered by the petty infection.

View in context.Do you need a guide for nursing diagnosis for infection? As a nurse, you have a very important role when it comes to preventing infections. Take note that about 1. A patient becomes at risk for infection if he is vulnerable to pathogenic organisms.

It can be related to any of the following:. Doenges, M. Philadelphia: F. Disease Management. Share on Facebook.

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Nursing Care Plan for Pain Management. Nursing Care Plan for Hypertension. Nursing Care Plan for Diabetes. Nursing Care Plan for Sepsis. Follow Us. Hot Topics. May 28, Load more. Nursing Care Plan for Diabetes April 4, Assess the skin for color, texture, elasticity, and moisture. Some medications and treatment modalities cause immunosuppression.

People with insufficient immunization may not have adequate acquired immunity. Assess the temperature of neutropenic clients every 4 hours.

Neutropenic patients may not have an adequate inflammatory response.Caro Examples of infection in a Sentence Poor hygiene can increase the danger of infection. The wound has so far remained free of infection.

Send us feedback. See more words from the same century From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Keep it clean. Accessed 24 Jan. Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for infection infection. Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! On 'Feign,' 'Feint,' and 'Faint' No false moves here.

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Login or Register. Save Word. Definition of infection. Examples of infection in a Sentence Poor hygiene can increase the danger of infection. Recent Examples on the Web While testing identifies active infections, determining the strain of an infection is done through genomic sequencing. First Known Use of infection 14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 2.So even though cases overall grew, hospitalizations and deaths were down — and that makes sense because younger people are more likely to experience mild or symptom-free infection s.

That could increase the infection risk in shared spaces including offices, restaurants, and movie theaters. The underlying level of infection remains high, however, and the virus is still passing freely from person to person in much of the country. Some feared coming to work while others walked out of plants to protest the lack of infection control measures.

Four weeks after the injections, all 20 of the participants had developed the antibodies needed to stave off the infection. Testing methods can now detect HIV within ten days of infection. It builds up anti-bodies to fight off the infection in the blood. Outlying abscesses and sinuses are usually the result of infection of the tendon sheaths in the neighbourhood.

Young Stoddard lost no animal by the infection ,—that is, no one died on his hands. Here is the grand tower, built between anda noble design, and carried out without any infection of foreign detail. When infection of the blood takes place from the intestines the carbuncles may be absent.

Infectious Diseases - An Introduction

The only doctor in the whole group refused to come to them, because he feared to take back the infection to the other islands. Invasion of the body or a body part by a pathogenic organism, which multiplies and produces harmful effects on the body's tissues.

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Either way, this quiz on Spanish words for animals is for you. See infect-ion. Words nearby infection in favor withinfeasibleinfectinfected abortioninfecteeinfectioninfection-exhaustion psychosisinfection immunityinfectiousinfectious anemia of horsesinfectious bovine rhinotracheitis. Words related to infection diseaseepidemicvirusbugpollutionfluimpuritycontagionpoisoncorruptiondefilementgermscommunicabilitycontagiousnessinsanitationsepticity.

Example sentences from the Web for infection So even though cases overall grew, hospitalizations and deaths were down — and that makes sense because younger people are more likely to experience mild or symptom-free infection s.

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Courts may reconsider temporary coronavirus restrictions as pandemic drags on Anne Gearan, Karin Brulliard September 16, Washington Post. Philip Bump September 16, Washington Post.

Sixth Edition.

Nursing Care Plan for Risk for Infection

Alexander Miles. Cattle and Their Diseases Robert Jennings. Special Report on Diseases of Cattle U. Department of Agriculture. The Mermaid Lily Dougall. Invasion by and multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms in a bodily part or tissue, which may produce subsequent tissue injury and progress to overt disease through a variety of cellular or toxic mechanisms. An instance of being infected. An agent or a contaminated substance responsible for one's becoming infected.If you want people to link to you in a particular way, make sure the title of the page you want links to, has the keywords you want to rank for featured, and a lot of folks will use those words to link to you.

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