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Its post-human aspects are reminiscent of Under the Skin, its slowly teased mysteries recall Upstream Colour, and its bold surprises are pure mindscrambling sci-fi. We open in a small, beachside community. White stone houses, black sand, volcanic rock. Filming took place on Lanzarote. Nicolas Max Brebant is an observant boy who thinks he sees a dead body and a bright red starfish in the sea. He tells his mother Julie-Marie Parmentierwho shrugs this off and calmly feeds him another bowl of grey worm sludge and a glass of ink.

The mother, like all the women in this town, is pale and wears a simple dull, beige dress. Other boys are content to dig around in the sand, but Nicolas likes to draw in a sketchbook. He sketches simple, mundane images. One night he witnesses some sort of group sex ritual on the sand, in which the women all writhe naked and rub … something … on themselves. Then he finds himself taken from the beach area of white buildings to one with tan buildings.

Spare, quiet and dingy, this nightmare factory is loaded with rusty tiles and peeled paint. Nicolas undergoes a series of medical experiments that deal with the horrors of puberty in new, innovative and disturbing ways. Our kind nurse has red hair, as did the motherly figure Nicholas drew in his sketchpad. He also wore a red bathing suit, and that starfish he smashed was red too. This movie is loaded with striking imagery, but none of it is meant to shock. Evolution is an inspiring and maybe even sweet story of a frightened young person finding comfort from an unexpected source.

Even horror movies can evolve. First look review Toronto film festival Evolution review — eerie body horror with a tender undercurrent. Jordan Hoffman. Sun 13 Sep Toronto film festival 15 key films to watch out for.By Peter Debruge.

Chief Film Critic. Put aside everything you know about the birds and the bees. Their backs striated with cephalopod-like suction cups, these strange boys divide their time between land and sea, where our protagonist, Nicolas Max Brebantthinks he may have seen a drowned corpse the last time he went swimming.

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evolution movie 2015 explained

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evolution movie 2015 explained

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He tells his mother, who goes diving and brings back the starfish, but she tells him there is no body there. Later that night, his mother brings back the body and the other mothers gather around it. The following day Nicolas plays with his starfish.

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After another boy mocks him for being afraid of it, he grows angry and attacks the boy, and later hacks off one of the arms of the starfish. After his outburst, his mother takes him to a hospital for observation. At the hospital, a doctor makes an incision just above Nicolas' stomach.

Nicolas finds himself in a ward with other boys who have been similarly operated on. At night, the nurses watch videos of cesarean sections being performed. Once released, Nicolas begins to suspect his mother and the nurses of having lied to him. He and his friend, Victor, sneak out in the middle of the night to observe what the mothers are doing.

Victor runs back home, but Nicolas sees the women lying together completely nude, writhing around in mud, and passing an object from one to another. At home, he sneaks a peek at his mother as she is showering off the mud and observes that she has what appears to be suckers on her back. Back at the hospital, Nicolas is given an ultrasound. To his mother's apparent joy, they hear the heart beat of a fetus.

Victor is operated on and a creature is taken out of his stomach and put in a jar. Victor dies during the operation, but the nurses tell Nicolas and the other boys that he is recovering. A nurse brings a conch shell into the ward, saying that Victor has sent it to them. Nicolas's mother visits him, and he refuses to eat what she feeds him. When she becomes upset and begins to look through his sketchbook, he accuses her of not being his mother.

Nicolas develops a friendship with one of the nurses, Stella. Stella sneaks Nicolas crayons and draws with him.

Nicolas' drawings include a dead boy and starfishes but also a bicycle, a car, a building, and a giraffe. Nicolas is drawing these from memory, as they cannot be found in the village; this suggests that he was kidnapped and brought there. The other boys on the island may have been kidnapped as well, since some of them also observe that their mothers are not who they claim to be. Stella shows Nicolas a file with pictures of women with suckers on their backs, including one of a young girl.

One night, she takes him down to the sea, shows him the suckers on her back, and allows him to touch them before taking him into the water. She holds him under water until he drowns, then revives him using CPR. Nicholas goes back to the hospital and after awakening from a nightmare, sneaks into another room where he finds one of the boys. When Nicolas approaches, the boy lays Nicolas's hand on his own stomach and he feels movement in the boy's body.

After forcing Nicolas to press on his stomach, he begins to vomit. Nicolas leaves and enters a different room where he sees one of the boys floating in a tank. He is caught by a nurse, and after a final surgery, Nicolas awakens in a tank himself. He is in restraints and sees what appear to be two babies inside the tank with him.Need some streaming picks for the month?

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evolution movie 2015 explained

Watch the video. Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin reveals how she felt the first time she ever saw a deaf actress on television and discusses the importance of authentic representation on screen.

Nicolas is a boy living on a remote island set in the future, or another planet - or is it a dream? His village consists of white-painted houses located above the sea with a volcanic rock and black sand coastline, populated by young women and boys all of a similar age to Nicolas.

Whilst swimming, Nicolas makes a discovery in the ocean, which is shrugged off by his mother, who, like all the women in the town has tied-back hair, is pale and wears a simple thin beige dress. Nicolas is curious, thinks that he is being lied to and starts to explore his environment, witnessing some unsettling scenes.

He then finds himself taken to a hospital-like building where he, along with the others, undergoes a series of medical procedures by the women, dressed as nurses. He is befriended by one nurse, who becomes instrumental in the film's denouement. The film is not easy to categorise; it is not only enigmatic but beautifully filmed with deeply poetic imagery. It reflects the fear of the unknown, This is not a movie for everyone - or at least - you should be aware that it's not a Sci-fi nor a horror movie as we know them - before selecting this movie.

The movie is beautiful - it is just like meditation at the sea. I guarantee lower blood pressure after watching this move. I loved it.

It almost reminds me to the universe of Myst - the old computer game from the 90s- where you are totally alone on a abandoned Island and you don't know how you got there. Furthermore - the move makes you think. It may be a far future situation or it may be a dream of a child. As children we can have fantasies or anxiety for loosing our parents - or we may misenterpret a situation as dangerous etc.

Either way - this movie works, but I understand that some people don't like it. This is like entering a gallery. Sometimes you are not in the mood. But, if you are - this movie is unique and genial. A true artwork. Sign In.

Evolution (2015) : Movie Plot Ending Explained

Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites.The plot revolves around a bunch of male kids who live by the seaside in a small town.

All adults are only women. As the Evolution progresses, we are told why this is. They are technically not fishes as they have tiny tube feet to help them move.

Starfishes can reproduce sexually by mating with the opposite sex of its species, or asexually where a severed limb grows into another starfish. They have an odd respiratory system which uses the sea water for circulation; in short, they can breathe under water.

Some of them have suckers to cling on to surfaces. As you can see, Evolution plugs into a few of these concepts, but applied to humans. The story is happening in a place by the sea where we see a group of humanoids living their lives.

This place, as you can see, has only young boys and female adults. No young girls or male adults. As shown later in the movie Evolution, the female adults have suckers on their backs indicating that they are humanoid water-based lifeforms; they breathe under water too. The only way the adults of this species can reproduce is asexually as there are no adult men. These humanoids are a variety of only-female.

As a species, they have adapted to live on land and dress like regular humans. They even live in houses. But behind this facade, these all-female humanoids are merely trying to survive and sustain. They consume sea creatures and spend time in the waters.

Evolution review – eerie body horror with a tender undercurrent

Looks like the only way to make babies is by externally creating a zygote and placing them in the bellies of young boys. The bodies of these boys seem to be able to host the fetus up until one point.

After that, the fetuses need to be surgically removed and grown externally. Sometimes, if the body is able, they place the boys in a tank where the fetus grows externally in the water while still connected to the boys.

A straightforward theory is that young male children are stolen continuously from cities and taken to this seaside place. The boys grow up not remembering where they came from and eventually die.

The theory would explain why the humanoids hold a facade that resembles the way humans live. This would also throw light on how they get their hands on televisions and videos on cesarean operations. It appears that they go to regular human cities periodically to obtain things that they need for procreation. The film starts with a young kid, Nicolas, finding a dead body at sea; someone who was drowned. She dismisses Nicolas saying that the sea can play tricks. Later she brings only the starfish and tells him that there was no body.

But a while after, we are shown her holding the dead kid while the other women join to witness. If anyone has some theory around this, please do drop in a comment below. Nicolas is being given medication. Other boys in the facility are being given the same treatment. All the boys are being lied to saying that they are sick because of changes that their bodies are going through, and that this is a treatment to cure them.Posted on Friday, October 2nd, by Russ Fischer. She draws on the mysteries of the sea and the pains of growing up to synthesize her own powerful new fable.

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A boy, Nicholas Max Brebantlives on an island with many other boys. It creates in Nicholas the same curiosity that it does in us: just what is going on here? This is no boarding school. Soon Nicholas is being tended by a nurse Roxane Duranisolated with a small number of boys in a medical ward, fearing that he may never again have a real life. There are metaphors here for the awakening of adult consciousness, and for the development of anxieties that go along with realizing that everyone else in the world has their own purpose.

Stunning underwater cinematography complements dry-land images that would not be out of place in Under the Skinand a sonorous score bridges land and sea with a dim but irrepressible throb. This is a superb new cinematic folklore, the sort of stuff that can inspire dreams just as readily as nightmare.

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evolution movie 2015 explained

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