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It has amazing health benefits, medicinal uses, and skin and hair care benefits.

Avarampoo Benefits: Face Wash Powder (Ubtan) For Glowing Skin

Avarampoo is traditionally used for treating diabetes and avarampoo face pack made with the dried avaram flowers treats almost all skin problems. Aavaram poo powder got by drying the flowers and leaves is widely used in skin care.

Avarampoo leaf extract has been proven to aid weight loss as it has anti obesity properties. Avarampoo plant is a shrub that has small leaves and beautiful yellow flowers.

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You can identify the plant with the yellow flowers. The fruit of the plant is a legume. We can find avarampoo shrubs all over India and Srilanka. Here in Tamil Nadu, you can find this shrub easily and it grows abundance in our farm so I never have any shortage of avarampoo flowers. Senna Auriculata is the botanical name, it is also called Cassia Auriculata. It belongs to the family Fabaceae and Genus Senna. Avarampoo flower methanol extract showed the presence of tannins, phenols, flavonoids, steroids, quinones and coumarins.

The leaf extract showed the presence of alkaloids, phenols, glycosides, flavonoids, tannins, saponins, proteins and carbohydrates. The ethanolic seed showed the presence of alkaloids, flavonoids, carbohydrates, tannins, phytosterol, phenols, anthraquinones and amino acids.

Avarampoo flowers have been traditionally used for diabetes, for treating all skin problems like itching and body odour and also for treating urinary problems. The flowers are cooked with dal and consumed for treating constipation too. Traditionally the bark powder is used for treating skin diseases. The bark is also boiled along with water and consumed for reducing inflammation.

Avarampoo shrub leaves are traditionally used for hair wash. We add the avarampoo leaf powder while making hair wash powder, it helps clean hair well. The leaf poultice is used for healing wounds and for treating other skin problems. Some people make hair oil with avaram seeds and bhringraj to treat premature greying of the hair. The seeds are also used for treating some skin diseases. Avarampoo roots are used for treating skin diseases, when we wash the wounds with the avarampoo root water got by boiling the leaves in water, it will help in faster wound healing.

The root extract also has a protective effect on our kidneys. The leaf extract of avarampoo plant has amazing anti microbial properties and the methanol extract is more potent than the water extract.

The antimicrobial property is due to the presence of phenolic and flavonoids present in the plant. This anti microbial properties is one of the main reason this plant is widely used for skin care. The leaf extract of avarampoo plant has wonderful anti inflammatory properties. Avarampoo flowers have been traditionally used for reducing high blood sugar levels in diabetic patients and I am happy to say that this traditional use has been backed by research.Collect avarampoo flowers and rose petals and sun dry till crisp.

Make sure the rose petals are not sprayed with pesticides. Powder every thing together well and sieve to get a very fine powder. Store in an airtight box and use daily. Avarampoo Tamil Name is a wonder flower that we all overlook to use in our daily lives.

Avarampoo grows wildly everywhere and usually it is found plenty near the river beds.

Avarampoo Face Pack // ஆவாரம்பூ முக அழகை அள்ளி தரும்.

There is a small stream near our farm and I love to go for walks there and there are plenty of avarmpoo near the stream. It is very serene there, especially when the water is flowing. I love to look at the avarampoo flowers and usually they are in full bloom throughout the year.

Avarampoo flowers are very cooling and both the leaves and flowers are used for home remedies, I have heard my grandma say that in her days, many people use to use avarampoo leaves for washing the hair. Dry avarampoo very well and you can store and use it for a long time. Avarampoo is wonderful for using in external application and it treats many skin problems. It keeps the skin from infections and the best way to use it for external application is by including it in face wash powder.

This face wash powder has been used by Indian women for years and this face wash powder prevents black spots, treats uneven skin tone and regular use keeps the skin blemish free. This face wash powder has got 6 amazing ingredients — avarampoo, bengal gram dal, urad dal, kasthuri manjal, vetiver and organic rose petals.

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Bengal gram dal and urad dal are amazing cleansers, vetiver is a natural coolant and prevents boils on the skin, avarampoo and kasthuri manjal prevents infections in the skin. This powder is also very very fragrant and is wonderful for all types of skin. This face wash powder like most recipes in this blog, needs plenty of sunlight for sun drying. If the ingredients are not sun dried properly, you will not be able to powder it finely.

Grinding the mixture to a very smooth powder is very very important. Try to make it in small batches and use regularly to see good results. This powder can be safely used on young kids too.

avarampoo benefits for skin in tamil

For boys and men, skip kasthuri manjal in the face wash powder.Herbs formed an important part of medicinal treatment and cure in the ancient civilization. Their use, which evolved in the Vedic times, continues into the modern era.

Some of these herbs and flowers are found in abundance in some parts of the country especially in the villages of Tamil Nadu. India has always been a tropical country where temperatures touch the sky in summer months. Hence, herbs that cooled the body were highly coveted and sought after in the historic ages. One such flower is Avarampoo, found growing around riverbeds. It has yellow flowers, which are used in various preparations and remain in bloom throughout the year.

avarampoo benefits for skin in tamil

The Avarampoo flowers are dried and ground into a very fine powder. This powder can be mixed with face wash powders and curd for external application. It has been used by thousands of Indian women over the years to treat uneven skin, prevent black spots and keep the skin free of blemishes.

Avarampoo increases the glow of the skin and improves complexion when used on a regular basis. The sweet fragrance of the powder derived from dried flowers drives people to use it for removing body odor. The powder also treats many skin problems. Avarampoo is generally preferred for dry to normal skin use. But it can be used for almost all skin types.

It reduces recurrence of boils and prevents skin infections. Avarampoo is used for preparing herbal tea. The antioxidant rich concoction is very tasty and a perfect substitute for caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee.

The antioxidants keep the skin and body healthy and act like a natural blood purifier. In olden days, people carried the Avarampoo plants on their heads, when they walked in the hot sun. The plant helped to keep them hydrated. It cools and hydrates the body from inside. It can be given to children, who play in the sun, to prevent dehydration and reduce body heat. Avarampoo tea helps with problems like excessive thirst through its hydrating properties.

Avarampoo Benefits: Face Wash Powder (Ubtan) For Glowing Skin

Avarampoo helps regulate blood sugar levels. It boosts the insulin levels in the body naturally. When taken on an empty stomach it is very beneficial for diabetics.From countless years, people from various cultures have relied on medicinal plants from mother nature and the means to soothe and repair the body, mind and spirit.

Dried Avaram Senna flowers have also been mixed with hair oil containing fenugreek, henna, amla, hibiscus flowers. It does amazing wonders when used as a face pack. Such is the medicinal value of these flowers. In addition to curing diabetes, it has other properties that promote general health. Author s Ramya Srinivasan. It also helps maintain body temperature when consumed as tea. Helps regulate Blood Sugar Level. Make sure the rose petals are not … Let me search in my local market if I can get these flowers.

Obesity Share on Facebook. I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food. It is also a good medicine for skin related problem, gives glow to the skin, removes body odor. I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! Would love your thoughts, please comment. The Avarampoo flowers are dried and ground into a very fine powder. More evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of cassia auriculata for these uses.

When it comes to a boil ,turn off the gas. An intriguing recipe and one can never go wrong with what was used by our forefathers for health. Avarampoo increases the glow of the skin and improves complexion when used on a regular basis. Hello Gauthmi. This is one of the superfoods that India can boast off. The colour of this flower which is bright yellow makes it attractive.

It is commonly said that those who use the flower for face wash will have a bright face like the flower and the skin will glow like the flower. Loved the recipe, the health info and the wonders of natural products that are often ignored. The bark of the tree is used to treat rheumatism. The sweet fragrance of the powder derived from dried flowers drives people to use it for removing body odor.

Last Modified: July 24, Sounds super healthy. Good For Skin; Dried avaram Senna flowers powder is good for our skin and treat skin disorders. They keep the skin glowing and blemish free. Thanks for the interesting share! It increases the glow of the skin and improves complexion. It also grows in dry regions of India and Sri Lanka. In olden days they would keep the plants on their heads while working in the sun.

Finally when it is consumed in tea or when the dried flowers are powdered and applied on the face as a face pack, it helps in the skin to rejuvenate and glow. This Aavarampoo powder is used for skin care application. You can leave me an answer, a comment or a suggestion.Archived from the original on September 12, 2008. Retrieved July 2, 2010. Retrieved December 30, 2010. Retrieved 4 December 2014. Archived from the original on 2011-08-16. Retrieved 15 October 2017.

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avarampoo benefits for skin in tamil

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avarampoo benefits for skin in tamil

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